1. Buy yourself a gift.
Spend the day keeping your mind occuied with a new game for your Xbox, or treat yourself to something even more indulgent like that watch you've had your eye on. Today is all about you - make the most of it.


2. Have a lazy day.
Play on that new game, or just Netflix and chill. Contrary to popular belief - you CAN do that without a bae. Shut yourself off from the world and appreciate your own company.


3. Have a night out.
No enjoying your own company? Hit the bar with your other single mates and drink the day and night away. Start a relationship with tequila - but only the real stuff - check out our blog here for more tequila inspo.


4. Hit the gym.
There's nothing better than blowing off all the anti V Day steam than hitting the gym. The endorphins will make you feel better, and you can use it as an excuse to over indulge later.


5. Go exploring.
If you're lucky enough to cop a few days off work, go and explore somewhere new. Going on a short break or even just a day out will give you some new experiences and take your mind off the single life. Check out our guide on the Top City Breaks for 2018.


6. Spend time with family.
Spending some times with the people who matter - your family and friends. People seem to have one track minds at this time of year, but family and friends can bring you just as much happiness as a partner would, and it'll give you an excuse to grab yourself some home cooked food.


7. Get outdoors.
Make a date with the great outdoors and go walking or cycling. Enjoy some fresh air and boost your energy levels while you connect with nature for the day.


8. Rearrange your living space.
Recently split up with your ex? Your environment can conjure up memories which can be pretty depressing, particularly on Valentines Day. Have a move around and a sort through your things - a tidy house makes for a tidy mind after all.


9. Think of the money you're saving.
Decadent gifts, hiked up restaurant prices and spending a fortune on roses that will wilt within three days - not you!


10. Book a holiday.
There's nothing better than having something to look forward to, so planning and booking your next break away is the perfect way to turn a lonely Valentines Day into something to celebrate. Let the countdown begin.